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Friday, March 12, 2010

Trust Birth Conference 2010

I'm having such a good time at the Trust Birth 2010 Conference!  I'm rooming with amazing women and my amazing daughter and we're having such good discussions. VBAC has been a hot topic in our room.  It never ceases to amaze us that women have believed the many lies thrown in their faces about birth and cesareans.  May we never cease to spread the truth and try and stop birth fright.

I've had a chance to meet people who have impacted my life but I've never meet in real life. People like Dana Combest, who graded so much of my work in Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. It was a real pleasure to meet her and see her smiling face.

And, of course, I got to see dear, dear Carla Hartley. The woman whose passion for midwifery and the rights of parents and the sanctity of the marriage vows has so deeply impacted my life.

Today, I taught my first herbal workshop.  I felt for those who wanted a protocol for inducing with Black and Blue Cohosh.  There's not always information out there that we want; sometimes we have to be those trail blazers.  Day after tomorrow (Calif time), I give a talk on breastfeeding facts that will make you flip and then Sunday, a presentation on building your birth business.  Sure hope to give valuable info to these ladies.

I miss my family, though. I'm looking forward to being home, working on my house, and having amazing talks with my hubby.

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  1. Hi Debby! So excited to see that you started a blog! Wonderful meeting you at the TBC. Erin


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