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Monday, February 1, 2010

Want a more sane teenager? Breastfeed them longer.

Just think, feeding your child the way God intended has lasting benefits.

I was looking at this article:

I've had a conversation through the years with various people about how long I breastfed my children and about their thoughts on that. In America, "long-term" breastfeeding is seen as unusual, abnormal, slightly (or more than slightly) weird, and probably bothersome.  It's not. It's the way babies were meant to get their nourishment and, just see: it has benefits, not just "could have" benefits, but it does. This article is just one of many that point to the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding. To see 101 good reasons to breastfeed, check out 

Many moms quit breastfeeding because they think they aren't or can't make enough milk, or they have difficulties with working it in with the rest of their life, or they get discouragement from friends, family and community.  I hope we can learn to support these moms who are making a really good choice for themselves and their babies.

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